Thursday, 4 December 2008

Vlita flower

vlita variety

A flower related to vlita (amaranth), Kirtomado, Hania. This flower grows up to about a metre tall, unlike yesterday's pohutukawa, which grows up to twenty metres tall. Well, you didn't really believe it would grow hundreds of metres tall, did you?!


  1. That is more like it ;-) ! And another beauty. A spot of red is nice in the winter.

  2. Nice! Is it edible?
    (Sorry for my Cave-Man thinking but you mention it is related to vlita and vlita is so good with lots of olive oil and....well, you know how it goes :-D )

  3. Hello, nice site, I shall be back to say hello again.

  4. Thank you for the spelling alteration. That's why I try to keep out of spelling Greek words in English, never comes out right, plus my Greek grammar isn't that good. Thanks for visiting.