Friday, 12 December 2008

Former cupboard

ruins of house hania chania

The house to the left of this site was knocked down many months ago, to make way for a new building project, probably an apartment block like the ones that surround this ruin. The building work was stopped when ancient ruins were discovered on the site; you can see them here. Nearly a year has passed since I took that photo, and the area has only recently been cordoned off to start the building work, except for thislittle corner, which is obviously going to be used as the entry-exit point for workers.

The cupboard (with the green door) must have formed part of the former kitchen of the building that was torn down. The building it is attached to must be part of another house (the one next door or possibly behind the construction site), which is why it hasn't been knocked down. Space is tight in the inner-city, but this neighbourhood is particularly nice to live in. It's close to the law courts in the town.

Answer to yesterday's quiz: the small room on the right hand side of the photo is the toilet-bathroom. The metal box is the water deposit. In the past, houses were built with outdoor toilets and a simple shower attachment connected to a tap to take a shower. No house is built in this way now in Greece, due to planning restritcitions.


  1. Hania is not the only place where planning and building goes entirely smoothly...

  2. We too have issues with archeology while building. bones, agricultural terraces and ponds, and of course ancient bones . . . Aloha-