Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Winter garden


It's not all doom and gloom: our garden is looking rather prosperous.
We harvested our first broccoli last Sunday, and now the cauliflower is also ready.
But the cabbages still need some more growing time.


  1. great to have home grown veggies!

  2. Good on ya. A useful (food) garden is so good, food for the soul in a way, too. I've never seen cabbage growing.
    I finally cleaned up the land on the two sides of my little rented house. Took a pickaxe to one plot and it is ready for planting. But local follks tell me the wild animals will dig up any seeds or vegetables I put in. Do you have that problem?

  3. Hello

    Nice winter garden!
    From Malaysia with love

  4. Not bad at this time of the year! We have to find a shop for this kind of thing. If you have a look here, you may see the only fresh item we could have got last Sunday...

  5. I love seeing the garden, MK, I know you'll put everything to good use!