Friday, 26 December 2008

Cafe culture

koukouvayia cafe hania chania
No, I'm not at Starbucks, but Greeks love to copy brands, labels and names. This one is done more stylishly; I picked up the paper coffee mat at Koukouvayia cafe in Akrotiri, Hania. 'Koukouvayia' is the Greek word for 'owl'.


  1. I bet it tastes better than starbucks

  2. Haha, why reinvent the wheel?

  3. Your kourabiedes looks really good! Iwish I had one or two! I made isli only beacause my family don't like kourabiedes and I eat all by myself.That means more kilos and I don't need them now...

  4. I think I'll prefer Greek wine to Greek coffee (but then I don't drink coffee anyhow...)

    Happy Holidays!

  5. !!!

    I think it was a mistake for them to use the same font maybe :-D (and a little bit of the color scheme...). But you are right about copying. It is so annoying as well...Like we can't think of anything original...TV series, logos :-(

    If it worked for "them" it is not 100% sure it is going to work for anyone else :-D

  6. Would love to share a cup with YOU! Aloha-