Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Palia Ilektriki

Hania has a few sports facilities spaced around the town, some of which include: the track and field stadium in the centre,

stadium hania chania

the new gymnasium near the sea,

kleisto gymnastorio nea hora hania chania

and an old gymnasium on the outskirts of town, known as Palia Ilektriki, because it was built on a site where the state electricity company was formerly located (which is why the whole area has a shabby look to it).

palia ilektriki gym hania chania

One of my daughter's tennis lessons took place at Palia Ilektriki. While she was busy, I had to figure out what to do to keep my son occupied. There was what looked like a cafe across the road from the gym, which I noticed was closed. No surprise, as it was a Wednesday afternoon, when shops are closed and the town isn't so busy. Tables and chairs were still set outside it, even though the weather is cooling down now.

cafe gogoni street hania chania

We went there to rest on one of the chairs so my son could finish his homework. No one moved us away, which I was quite thankful about, especially when I saw the sign on one of the windows of the cafe: "No entry to under-18s". We weren't entering it anyway, but I wonder if they would allow under-18s to enter if accompanied by an adult. Probably a poker house...


  1. A different aspect of Hania.
    The depth depends on tide - it can be twenty feet deeper than in the pics. Not like the Med.

  2. There are cafes like this everywhere. Not only at Hania. But i liked the sport facilities better.

  3. Lovely, sharp photos!
    Aloha from Waikiki-

  4. Nice photos! The number of sports installations appears to be typical for a medium-sized Greek town. When I was growing up there we used to play football in town squares or disused back yards.

  5. A poker house! Around here we have bingo parlors and the Florida Lottery.
    I remember taking my son to one thing or another and trying to figure out what to do while I waited. I'm glad you and your son were able to sit outside without being bothered, it actually looked pretty nice.

  6. What a sweet picture of the son at work.