Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Street stall

Would you consider buying clothes from this stall?

First of all, it's a Wednesday afternoon, when the town centre is closed in Hania (as it always is, along with Mondays; an old-fashioned custom, probably imported from France), so it's very quiet in the area at 5pm.

Secondly, the stall is across the road from the town's gymnasium, so his only customers will be parents ferrying their children from one activity to another, no passing trade, just drivers. In the one hour that I hung around the area, I didn't notice a single customer, just some people he knew (friends or relative), who stopped by his stall and spoke to him.

Finally, he's a gypsy - oops, I'm sorry, that doesn't count. Or does it? I think he's set up a trading site to cover illegal activities.


  1. I think traders get into habits and just fill their time waiting and that is another day gone.Does it rain often ? He may have a large plastic sheet.
    I our part of the world such considerations are paramount.

  2. You have to see Monastiraki or Piraeus street every Sunday. You can't pass by the area. And when we have a feast(πανηγύρι) it happens exactly the same.

  3. Ah, so more than meets the eye here.
    Is the dressing room and mirror behind a tree? hehe I bought fake Levi's in the middle of our shuk/agora. The guy put carton around to build me a tiny private from the waist down place to try them on. It was strange.
    Wow, you have two afternoons a week closed? I still remember when small Israeli shops closed every Tuesday afternoon and from 2 to 4 pm.
    Are your stores closed on Sunday?

  4. I love my visits to your town!
    Aloha from mine-

  5. He is not going to do much business there probably, but when I am overseas I am likely to at least look at street traders I come across.
    Hi from another Kiwi, I see your counter says I am fromNapier, but thats not true. I am South Island born and bred, living in Picton.
    We also seem to have landed in the right place!