Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Welcoming the new president of the US

God bless Barack Hussein Obama!
God bless America!
US food
God bless each and every one of us!

PS: Commiserations to the losers

the sneaky dirty rat fink

Happy GUY FAWKES DAY to those who will be celebrating it with bonfires and fireworks!


  1. Amen sister!
    I just now published similar sentiments but didn't have your nice picture of Americana to illustrate my post.
    Let's hope we are all on the road to a better world!

  2. Yes, the GW years are almost over. :)

  3. We seem to be in total agreement

  4. God bless ... my pop corn salted please and if you don't mind no Coke. I love it, but musn´t drink it! :)

  5. Well, it takes the Olympics and the Elections to really enjoy a Coke and Pop-Corn these days :-D :-D :-D

    I am "on the road" again but last night it was all about the candidates and of course the results :-D

  6. Yes! You expressed what we all are feeling.
    God bless YOU! Yes we DID!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. indeed. congratulations to the usa. :)

  8. God bless Obama. I hope he can help Americans.
    He reminds me of JFK although i never met him.
    But he has a warm, kind face that he makes you have faith and hope for the future.