Sunday, 30 November 2008

Cheese and honey

laiki street market hania chania

Locally produced cheeses and honey at a farmers' stall at the daily street market in Hania.

The practices of old-time producers often reflect the use of the products: Soft curd cheese (mizithra), hard yellow cheese (graviera) and honey are often used in combination in local food products, for example, kalitsounia.


  1. So, your land too is flowing with milk and honey!

  2. I bet that honey is marvellous... the cheese too.

    There are pictures of Mumbles Head up for you.

  3. Maria, I LOVE cheese and honey. I know that in Grete there is excellent quality of both!

  4. I thought I would visit your other blog for a change :) This is a lovely photo - I love farmers' markets. We have some up here too, selling Scottish cheeses as well as veg, fruit and meat.

  5. I bet there is a lot of taste on that table!

  6. Maria, thanks much for your comment, to which I replied:
    Oops, sorry, I should be more careful when I say "the Church." So much is different in Eastern Orthodoxy. It is so complicated to write about religions, especially when one is not of that religion. Thanks for your insights and clarifications.

    Kumaria fruit? Actually I couldn't figure out what that was in the photo. It does not look familiar.
    Amen to your wishes for some peace on earth.

  7. Hi MKiwi! Hope you didn’t grow fat with all those cheeses... ;)
    As far as car accidents, it seems we were following short; great efforts have been done here, but still...
    You have some fruits among the vegetables...;))Meanwhile Blogtrotter is still in Tunisia, waiting for your comments at the Blue Village! Hope you enjoy and have a great week!

  8. Kiwi, the photo in your link is beautiful but not familiar. Maybe Arbutus?
    The first picture in my post is from last year, and I was not along for the plant collecting. I just took a quick picture of what the friends had found. I'll ask them tomorrow.
    Meanwhile, I corrected my opening line to "the Western Church." Does that sound right?

  9. I have only had mizithra cheese at one restaurant, The Old Spaghetti Factory. I really liked it. I wish i was there to buy some.

    An Arkie's Musings